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Trash Chutes From Kasl Enterprises

Trash chutes are used in high-rise residential apartment units to transport garbage to a lower level for collection in a container or trash compactor. Our trash chutes meet all NFPA-82 National Standard codes and the intake doors are U.L. approved. Unique spiral chute sections provide a chute that is up to three times quieter than our competitor's chutes.

  • Made in the USA!
  • Underwriters Laboratories "B" label doors.
  • "T" handles with cylinder locks on all intake and access doors.
  • Durable shaft hinges on all bottom hinged doors.
  • 20 ga. stainless steel door fronts and 18 ga. aluminized steel backs.
  • Intakes with drywall and masonry brackets to assure plumb secure doors.
  • Intake design eliminates the need of fire sprinkler shields.
  • Bolt together straight sections instead of slip joints.
  • Spring loaded horizontal rolling discharge doors to assure positive closing.
  • Corrosion resistant and rust proof aluminum roof flashing and vent.
  • Use of spiral pipe for superior strength and sound reduction.

Our Trash Chutes Contain:

  • Intake sections with specified door installed on unit.
  • Spiraled expansion sections to make up balance of floor height.
  • Angle iron floor braces to support the chute.
  • Outlet door equipped with fusible link to close in case of fire.
  • Full diameter vent to extend four feet above roof level.
  • Sprinkler and sanitizer flushing head at the top of chute.
  • Additional sprinkler heads at every other floor.

Options Available:

  • Handicap lever handles.
  • Rubber baffles on doors to protect from back draft.
  • Sanitizer with proportioner valve on top floor to clean chute.
  • Steel fire stops to close up area around the chute at the floor level.
  • Key locks with keys non removable when unlocked.
  • Electric interlocks so only one door can be opened at one time.
  • Heat and smoke detector to lock doors in case of fire.
  • Electric discharge door release to close door when signal is received.

We guarantee all our products for one year.

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